Natural Woods Stain

October 8, 2008

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S&B Specialties, Inc. is dedicated to providing environmentally safe wood finish products for both the professional and home user. We provide a product that has proven quality and excellent results. We manufacture and supply Natural Woods stains and wood finishes. Through years of testing and research, we have developed a product that has the durability of oil based and the ease of soap and water clean up. We know that consumers will judge Natural Woods on quality and performance.

S&B Specialties has the environment and the safety of the user in mind with Natural Woods finishes. With many products on today’s market having warning and EPA registrations to allow the use of hazardous materials, Natural Woods has chosen to use safe and natural ingredients in our products.The oils and resins in Natural Woods are products of nature. When you use Natural Woods stains to protect and enhance the beauty of your wood, you are simply putting these natural products back to work for you.Choosing the best products for your home, Deck, fence, wood roof, siding, hot tub, or log home can be very confusing. The exterior appearance of your home makes a statement of first impression for years to come. Homes must be properly maintained in order to compete in the marketplace, and those which are not, will require special help to regain their original beauty.

S&B Specialties, Inc. produces, what we believe, is the finest wood finish on today’s market. It is provided in seven premixed colors: Natural Cedar, Natural Mahogany, Golden Honey, Natural Redwood, Fruitwood, Walnut, Pecan and clear. These are semi-transparent colors that provide both ultra violet protection and help retain the color you desire. These may be used for both interior and exterior applications. Since Natural Woods uses no petroleum solvents, you are safe from fire dangers on interior use.

We also supply an excellent concrete-masonry sealer for water hold out. This product is designed to give superior water protection for above grade concrete and masonry products.