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while a clear provides the best option for a homeowner who wants to maintain the natural look of wood, it also has the shortest life of coatings and requires the most maintenance. The homeowner must be diligent in his efforts to maintain theĀ  natural appearance or hire a contractor to return every year to recondition the wood and apply an additional coat.

Clear has a singular disadvantage in protection as compared to semi-transparent, namely that it has no pigment, the ingredient that helps give the semi-transparent it’s endurance. Someone who wants to be clear is losing a major combatant from the beginning. Unless UV stabilizers and absorbers are added, it is unlikely that the clear will keep the wood from graying.

Anyone who has seen the effect of a glass door that has kept the rain and elements from the carpet behind it, has also been aware of the fading and deterioration of the carpet. Even though it was protected from the weather, the sun damage (UV) was not deterred from the clear glass. The results will be similar with a clear wood finish.