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Getting the correct amount of Natural Woods stain is critical to doing the best job. If you are short, you scrimp on the application and the protection, appearance and longevity are all compromised. You have already made the decision to maintain your investment so lets not start by not having the correct gallons on hand.

As all woods vary somewhat on porosity due to age, species of wood, horizontal vs vertical application we will use an average coverage for your job. The first step is to determine the square footage of your job. This is done by taking the length of a wall or a fence and multiplying it by the height. Example; a single wall of a cabin may be 50 feet long and 10 feet high. this will give us 500 total square feet for that wall. continue with all the exterior walls of the structure and then add the totals together.

When you get the total square footage you want to cover completed, the average coverage for vertical application is 200 SF/gallon. With this you can now divide the total square footage by 200 to get an estimate of the gallons needed to complete the first coat application. As a second coat is recommended on all new applications, you can double the amount for a second coat.  We recommend a minimum of 24 hours between coats to allow for best results on yor job.

Maintenance coats  usually require slightly less, depending on the exposure and time between the last application. On average, you can figure around 250 SF/Gallon for maintenance. You should keep a record of the square footge of your job and the gallons used so you don’t need to remeasure this each time. It is also helpful to record the date of application so yo can refer to this as to when it was last done. If you are like me, what seems to have been only a short time ago, turns out to be several years longer than remembered.

Having some extra on hand is a good idea, so when a small area needs a little axtra attention you can keep up with out waiting until the whole job needs to be done.

Decking is done by the same L X W=square footage. Divide this number by 150 to get your gallonage for each coat. Horizontal coverage is slightly less because you can apply it heavier without product run.