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Natural Wood’s Eco-Friendly Stain
Natural Woods stain protects and enhances the beauty of your wood, safely and naturally. With its unique blend of natural oils, resins, and ultraviolet inhibitors, Natural Woods delivers unsurpassed protection against rain, snow, sleet, and the harsh rays of the sun, providing beautiful, long-lasting protection for all types of wood.The oils and resins in the Natural Woods are products of nature.When you use Natural Woods stain to protect and enhance the beauty of your wood, you are simply putting these natural products back into the environment. Nature’s own solvent-water-draws Natural Woods’ high-solids formula deep into the cells of the wood, where it sets up a molecularly compatible monolithic bond that strengthens and seals the wood. Once dry, Natural Woods stain is impervious to water and most other solvents. Cost $24.00/gallon in stock colors. available in 3 and 5 gallon buckets
Natural Woods Colors



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These colors will vary with your wood and application. liquid samples are available to test on your wood to achieve the tone and color desired.

Concrete Sealer Our concrete sealer is a special blend of ingredients that are designed to prevent water damage. Its primary uses are driveways and walks, stone masonry, brick, grout, artificial rock and pavers. The greatest cause of concrete damage is during the winter months when a warm day allows for snow melt, but before it can evaporate the freezing temperatures of night arrive. This causes the top layer of the finished concrete to spall and pop this smooth portion of your drive way off. It leaves it with the rock exposed and a rough surface. This will continue to crack and deteriorate.Our concrete seal is a one coat application. It is necessary to completely saturate the surface to allow maximum penetration since a second coat will be repelled and of no value. The three photos in sequence show concrete with some of it treated. Note that is does not change the appearance when dry. The second photo shows water being poured on half of the area. It shows some portions remaining lighter, due to repellence. The final photo shows the entire area wet. Note the hand prints and other area where it remains unaffected by the water. My hands were dipped in the sealer and then applied to the dry concrete, once dry it repels the water the same as the area where it was poured on.It is available in 1 & 3 gallon buckets. The average coverage is 100-200 sq.ft. per gallon, depending upon surface and conditions. $15.00/gallon
Natural Wood’s Brightener
Natural Wood’s Brightener Weathered Wood Conditioner is a natural plant acid that restores aged wood’s appearance. Natural Brite must be used on all treated wood surfaces to neutralize and brighten the wood after using Natural Woods Stripper. (This basically takes old wood and makes it look newer.) Brite available in dry packs for $4.50/ea